Friday, September 7, 2012

Another poem from last semester. I wanted to experiment with a set form, in this case creating an acrostic using the first word of each stanza.

My name is Judas.

If you have the choice
between immortality and a heart-
choose heart.

And if the cost of singing like the angels
comes through an instance of petty treachery-
pluck out your tongue.

When the beauty of the gods
comes to take you away,
run to the graveyard,
and live your life in ashes first.

You choose to walk away.

Choose, you insufferable bless├ęd

Choose that dishonored road,
soaked with love’s blood at every step.

Love? I’ve never let it touch me since.         


Juliet SN said...

Your poetry is so beautiful, MK. You inspired me to post some of my poems, although they're definitely not as lovely as yours. :)

mkr mouse said...

thank you, Juliet! But, your poetry is loverly and you are silly. ;)